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Investment Philosophy: Living a Lifestyle

Investment Philosophy - Living a LifestyleAlice and Maggie joined Harbor Advisory in 1990. Alice is a photographer and artist and Maggie is an accomplished director and choreographer of a modern dance company. They love to travel, ride horses and enjoy cultural events in New York City. They were living in Martha's Vineyard when they decided to adopt two children. Later, they relocated their family to a western New England farm setting more appropriate for the horses they own.

Eighteen years ago Alice approached Senior Counselor Weld Butler seeking assistance in managing a considerable inheritance from her family. They wanted help developing a financial plan that would give them the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle they have today. Together Weld, Alice and Maggie created a comprehensive wealth management plan that included oversight of their investment portfolios with special focus on estate planning, debt management, creation of a charitable foundation and trustee services. Over the years Weld advised Alice and Maggie on the purchase and sale or construction of three residences. Refinancing activity in the heyday of falling rates required significant debt management involvement by Harbor Advisory. Weld worked closely with Alice and Maggie's CPA on tax decisions. He assisted them with selection of legal counsel and assisted in building contract discussions.

Today Weld serves as Co-Trustee or Trustee on some of the family Trusts. Frequent travel to Asia and the Caribbean is more convenient for Alice and Maggie and their family because day to day activities of the Trusts, such as payment of quarterly taxes, or insurance premiums is handled by Weld. This gives Alice and Maggie more time to do the things they enjoy ... riding, traveling and spending time as a family.