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Investment Philosophy: Early Retirement

Early RetirementIn 1996 Rick and Martha were in their early fifties. Rick had spent almost 30 years as a senior executive at major public corporation. They engaged Harbor Advisory to manage their investment portfolio. After reviewing all aspects of Rick and Martha's wealth, Senior Counselor Jack De Gan, was ready when Rick asked if his financial status would support an early retirement. For their retirement Rick and Martha wanted to live the life of New England "snowbirds" - summers on an oceanfront home in Maine and winters on a beachside condo in Florida.

Jack focused on securing the retirement lifestyle that Rick and Martha wanted. Harbor Advisory performed an analysis on all the potential retirement plan options that would work for Rick and Martha. After thorough review a decision was reached to: 

  • Roll over all their retirement plan assets into an IRA.
  • Develop an asset allocation to meet the family's income needs.
  • Design an investment portfolio that allows for long-term investment in a selection of individual securities. 
  • Factor in retirement income and inflation protection needed for a retirement exceeding 30 years. 

Rick retired at the age of 60 and with Harbor Advisory looking out for their financial well being, he and Martha have been spending a lot of time boating in Maine and Florida.