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Our Services: Client Raves

We think our client performance record speaks for itself. Over seventy percent of Harbor Advisory's clients have been with us for more than 10 years. If you're considering engaging Harbor Advisory you might want to take a few minutes to read what a few of our clients have to say.

Deb & Dick

Harbor Advisory client since 1975

Deb & DickI hired Harbor (Weld's dad) in 1975. As a busy entrepreneur I delegated the task of overseeing my personal and corporate profit sharing investments to Bob Butler. Confident that Bob and his team would apply a common sense approach while addressing my concerns and objectives; I was able to focus on my own growing company. I was also comfortable knowing I would receive personal attention and communication while paying close attention to the markets. My confidence has been well rewarded.

After selling my business 20 years later and moving to Florida (winters) and South Carolina (summers), Deb and I continue to have confidence in Weld and Jack and their team. They allow us the freedom to attend to the really important things. We golf most days and have played in all 50 states and over 750 U.S. courses. We retain low single digit handicaps and enjoy tournament competition.

A lot has changed in those 33 years with our portfolios, properties and the way we spend our time. But one thing has not; we are comfortable with the careful, long-term investment style and personalized portfolio management provided by Harbor Advisory. Weld and Jack's ability to communicate closely with us and work autonomously allows us freedom of travel and freedom to live the lifestyle we have always aspired to.


Harbor Advisory client since 1997

JoanOver the course of 11 years, I've been extremely pleased with the financial management of Harbor Advisory. Not only the professional wealth management excellence of the principals, Weld and Jack, but also the careful documentation and follow up of everything pertaining to my account by the excellent administrative manager Joan Gordon and her associates.  

Disciplined market analysis combined with a reasoned approach to market opportunities is the cornerstone of their philosophy which is why I chose Harbor Advisory. I'm interested in finance, and Jack will patiently answer all my questions, explain his position on a point of controversy we occasionally have, and I never feel "pushed" in any direction, but rather reach a comfort level with all that is in my portfolio.

Family financial issues and the prudent planning necessary for the late retirement years, charitable contributions and gifts/inheritance for children and grandchildren are also subjects taken into consideration in our quarterly discussions, and often I'll call to review something on any given day. 

Client centered service is a hallmark of Harbor Advisory!