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Why Harbor Advisory: Independence & Size

Why Harbor Advisory: Indenpendence & SizeAs an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Harbor Advisory provides services and counsel based solely on what our clients need to meet their personal and financial objectives. Harbor Advisory is not affiliated with any other entity, sells no financial products and receives no compensation from any outside firms. Our fee is based on the market value of assets under our management. Therefore, our interests are closely aligned with our clients' in selecting the most successful securities to grow our client's investments.

Our independence and smaller size gives our Senior Advisors the flexibility to schedule their time based on our client's requirements. By design, each Senior Advisor is responsible for fewer than 50 clients. This favorable client/manager ratio allows for frequent client contact. Senior Advisors usually communicate with clients on a monthly basis and often meet with clients in their homes or businesses.

We guarantee, as a smaller employee-owned company, that our clients will not be subject to the disruptive effects of mergers or corporate downsizing that is typically associated with publicly held corporations.